The Village Academy is an educational facility run by the Village Initiative Foundation, which provides academic and vocational support services to rural youth who would pursue careers in the agriculture value chain. The Academy is a viable option for the growth and development of youth who would choose to provide goods and services as competent employees or for those who would be entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

The Academy addresses the issue of marginalization of rural youth in the areas of education, training, job opportunities and self-employment. We provide a path to self determination and responsible participation as citizens of the world.  It is also important because they are removed from the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to family, community and country at just about the time they should be assuming adult responsibilities.

These rural youth and students have dropped out of the formal education system, are unemployed and inadequately prepared to seek employment. They are first marginalized economically; secondly, where they do complete secondary level education their participation was inadequate to support them earning a certificate.


We aim to be a premier educational institution that provides academic and vocational support services to youth who will develop the competence to become entrepreneurs and possess the skills to provide goods and services in the agricultural value chain.


We envision a youth-centered community oriented academy of training and development in agriculture that creates citizens who are contributors to nation building, through personal growth and development, critical thinking, innovation, social consciousness and responsive to the demands of climate change and national food security.

  • To develop opportunities to build partnerships for young people to access training and resources that will support a career in agriculture
  • To motivate students to be entrepreneurs and innovators in the agriculture field
  • To reduce the obstacles to learning by providing a supportive learning environment for young people to challenge themselves and become confident citizens
  • To add value to the agricultural value change by producing graduates who will become exemplary farmers, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the agriculture field.

We believe that holistic youth development can be adequately facilitated where there are opportunities for Participation and Partnerships within the Community, between private and public organisations, as well as, with individuals who are supportive of education and vocational training as a sustainable medium.

We also believe that with Access, rural youth who are academically or vocationally unattached, can improve the quality of their lives, through vocational training, educational programs and innovative enterprise that will prepare them to become productive citizens.

And we also believe that by securing the necessary Resources and the delivery of adequate and relevant academic and vocational instruction we can achieve continuous student improvement with measurable results.


In this we believe that we can become an institution PAR EXCELLENCE.