The student supports services department ensures that the rights of all students are upheld and that the safeguarding children and young people policy is enforced at all times at the Village Academy. The department is responsible for ensuring that all students have opportunities to participate in decision making, have access to a high quality of education and resources to support successful outcomes.



Our Student Support Services department provides academic, career and personal/social support to students. Qualified social workers who are specialists in working with children and young people conduct assessments, develop individualized educational and development plans (IEDPs) with the young people and work to stimulate the young people’s support systems. All students participate in life skills training and engage in group and individual guidance and counselling sessions. A critical component to this aspect of student development is practical life coaching, where students are actively engaged in situations that stimulate their thinking, encourage decision making and foster personal growth.


Students have access to a work-study programme whereby they spend time on the farms earning income to support meeting their education costs. These engagements are usually on weekends and after school.


Students have the opportunity to participate in our cooperative business model where we invest in farm produce, which students will be responsible for nurturing. A percentage of income from farm produce will go towards students to help offset school expenses.


Nutritional meals are prepared for students on the campuses each day, where students participate in the development of the menu. Students contribute ONLY 25% of their meal costs at school.