Village Academy agriculture school opens in St Ann

Village Academy agriculture school opens in St Ann

The new agricultural school in St. Ann opened its doors yesterday (September 7) with seventy-three students enrolled. Registration and orientation of students are taking place this week at Village Academy and the operators expect the number of students to increase.

The school will have three locations: a facility to be built in Haddon, in addition to the two primary schools near Moneague recently closed by the Education Ministry. These schools were Jeffreyville and Watsonville Primary.

The Watsonville campus has been renovated and is the base for the students at this time. Since yesterday, agencies including the Social Development Commission and Rural Agricultural Development Authority have been interacting with the students, with others scheduled for the rest of the week.

Chairman of the Village Foundation Board Sydney Henry says the foundation is looking at how to address some of the problems cited by parents that would affect attendance, among them transport costs. Village Academy is a collaboration of a number of organisations including HEART Trust/ NTA and Sandals Foundation.

Meanwhile, the former Watsonville Primary students are now attending classes at Moneague Primary and Clapham All Age Schools. Principal at the Moneague Primary and Junior High School, Ptricia Allen says the students who have been transferred from the Watsonville and Jefferyville primary schools are settling in well, however, more chairs are needed.

And at Clapham All Age School, the administrator says everything went smoothly as the new school year started with an increase in the number of students. She says the students who transferred from Watsonville are doing well.

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